The Base Material


We use only the finest, 100% natural black tea leaves in our recipe. Our tea is sourced directly from Ceylon and other nearby luscious fields, and certified as OP grade; a truly large, whole-leaf black tea that delivers a sensational smoothness. You will notice the light taste of tea in our recipes, gently hinting of that fresh brew on every puff. We also serve our tea leaves as full whole-leaves, giving you the flexibility of cutting the shisha to your preferred packing method if desired.

The Smoke


Our Glycerin is sourced from pure 100% vegetable sources, and is USP / Kosher-grade. An exceptional smoke depends on using only the purest glycerin available, no compromises.

The Binding Agent

Sugar Syrup

Shhhh! Our sugar syrup is a family secret…but we’ll let you in on the insider info: Our sugar syrup was developed to replace the typical honey / molasses found in nearly all shishas. Made from 100% natural food-grade sugar crystals, it is similar (but not the same!) to the sugar found in your kitchen, however, our sugar has some interesting characteristics: it is odorless, colorless, and flavorless. This means the sugar syrup will not interfere with the flavor you are smoking. Also, it is less heat-sensitive and can soak up much more heat than honey / molasses, meaning you are less likely to have that burnt taste or that “throaty” feeling found in typical shishas. Lastly, our sugar syrup makes our shisha a lot stickier, allowing you to pack more evenly and consistently inside phunnel-style bowls.

The Flavors

Food-Grade Flavoring

Our flavors are sourced from food-grade flavorings that are actually used by professionals in the culinary arts! Our flavors are real flavors extracted directly from the source, and for certain flavors, enhanced and strengthened by our flavoring partners for your pleasure. You may notice our flavors have a unique taste compared to other shishas, this is because you are smoking the actual extracts of the ingredient it comes from.

*Note that our flavors are considered by the FDA to contain both natural and artificial ingredients.

**Note that our flavors are extracted by and contain USP-grade Propylene Glycol.