About Us

Our Mission

HeavenLeaf's mission is to lead our hookah community to the natural choice, by serving the finest, 100% natural, non-tobacco shisha on the market.

Our Vision

HeavenLeaf's vision is to see our hookah community thrive by making better decisions about our health. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the health risks involving commercially-produced tobacco products, and strive to become the leading 100% natural resource for our favorite pastime.

Who We Are

HeavenLeaf started out as an idea conjured in uncharted territory. Our focus became quality in every aspect, from every ingredient to every package. In the vast world of shisha, we sought to make a difference with our truly 100%, all-natural tea-based shisha. This concept seemed foreign to a market dominated by tobacco, yet HeavenLeaf was specifically developed to create that element of surprise. Now enthusiasts can enjoy a fresh bowl of smoke, filled with the light taste of tea and aromatic flavors, all without the side effects normally associated with commercially-produced tobacco shisha. If we believe, we can achieve.
HeavenLeaf Teabacco was created to bring you, the modern-day hookah connoisseur, the Official Standard in non-tobacco shisha.

Origins of HeavenLeaf

During the research and development phase of our company, we took the approach of a culinary professional: what ingredients can we use to create the perfect alternative? Our goal was to use only the finest and highest quality ingredients that would be strictly 100% naturally based, and not contain any sort of artificial or carcinogenic additives.
And so began our research; what naturally occurring herb or plant could be used to replace tobacco, yet smoke with similar characteristics to please the hookah community? After extensive theoretical research, and countless hours of practical experimentation with different herbs and plants-based fibers, we discovered one plant that replicates the characteristics of tobacco without any of its harmful effects; Camellia Sinensis.
100% all-natural black tea leaves became the base of HeavenLeaf Teabacco, having the most similar texture and feel, as well as smoking characteristics to that of tobacco. This simple ingredient became the foundation of creating a true 100% all natural non-tobacco shisha. We combined our tea with only the finest naturally-sourced vegetable glycerin as its smoke-producing companion, creating the perfectly-smooth clouds Teabacco is known for. But what about the traditional honey / molasses? What about the flavors? Well, we weren't done with the creativity yet...
Our extensive research in the field of organic chemistry, as well as smoking multiple test batches, led us to discover that honey and molasses both have a few shortcomings in their chemical properties. First and most important; the flavor of honey and molasses tends to mask the intended flavor of the shisha batch. Also, both honey and molasses form crystalline structures over time instead of remaining smooth and even in the shisha. We also realized that the specific heat and latent heat capacity of the shisha could be increased as well to prevent the burning and harshness common with all shishas today.
Our analysis allowed us to develop our own 100% natural sugar syrup, made purely from sugar that is similar in character to table sugar yet different in its chemical formula and properties. Our syrup has no flavor and no smell to mask the shisha's flavor, is much thicker to coat the shisha better, and can take much more heat over time to allow your shisha to smoke longer and smoother.
Last but not least, what shisha is complete without an amazing array of flavors? We sourced the highest quality culinary concentrates from a locally-sourced producer, made only with 100% all natural food-grade ingredients. The perfect blend of flavor and smoke created the unique Teabacco shisha our fellow hookah connoisseurs enjoy to this day.

And the rest is history...