You Fluff Questions...We Pack Answers.

Teabacco does in fact contain caffeine due to the black tea leaves we use naturally containing caffeine as part of the leaf.

Aside from the amount of caffeine found in our black tea leaves, which is similar in level to your regular loose-leaf black tea you can buy from the supermarket, we do not add any extra caffeine to our recipe.

Also to note, since Teabacco uses natural black tea leaves, you will also find several chemicals that naturally occur in the black tea leaf itself, such as polyphenols, flavanols, catechins, tannic acid, theaflavins, proteins & amino acids, carbohydrates, pectins, and fiber.

Yes, Propylene Glycol is naturally found in the flavorings we use, since the method to extract and concentrate the flavors, both in the natural and artificial form, use Propylene Glycol in the process.

We also may add USP-grade Propylene Glycol to our Teabacco recipes to enhance the experience, which helps to enhance the flavor intensity, smoke output, as well as the overall "mouthfeel".

1) Begin by fluffing the shisha in the bowl

2) once bowl has shisha evenly spread out, press down the surface of the shisha below the rim of the bowl’s outer edge (don't forget, Tangiers = dense pack, Trifecta/Haze/Al Fakher/ = medium/semi-dense pack, Lavoo/Ugly/Starbuzz = medium/normal pack, Fumari = fluff pack).

  • 25-35g of Teabacco is perfect for most bowls, and the use of phunnel-style bowls is not only preferred, but highly recommended.
  • Smoking Teabacco in a regular bowl will cause the holes to become plugged, restricting airflow and burning the shisha.
  • Since the Teabacco juices naturally settle, you must re-mix the batch in its pouch before each use.
  • (when packing only large-leaf Teabacco) Cut up the Teabacco fine cut with scissors or a chopping knife if packing in small or medium size phunnel bowls, and dense-pack.
  • (when packing large-leaf Teabacco with other shisha tobacco) Cut up the Teabacco fine cut if you are packing with Tangiers and dense-pack. If you are packing with Trifecta, Haze, or Al Fakher, then cut up the Teabacco medium and semi-dense pack. When packing with Lavoo, Ugly, or Starbuzz, cut up the Teabacco medium and normal pack. If packing with Fumari, cut up the Teabacco coarse and fluff pack.
  • In all cases mix the Teabacco and tobacco together outside the bowl before packing inside the bowl so that the entire shisha is consistent 
  • In all cases remember to leave a good amount of air space between the shisha and the foil! Otherwise you will have an unpleasantly-burnt smoking session due to the shisha touching the foil. Wrap tightly 1-2 layers of aluminum foil with shiny-side down, and poke 3-4 spirals of tiny holes all around the bowl, starting from the outer edge and going circular and inwards. Use 3-4 coals to start, preferably coconut-based, then manage session with 2-3 depending on bowl/pack/preference. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Right from the "Order" page above, you can order all HeavenLeaf products directly from us. We are also currently in the works with local retailers such as hookah stores as well as hookah lounges to see if our products can be distributed locally around you

Yes! From our own experience, we have found that many different tobacco shishas work excellent with the use of a phunnel-style bowl, and have been pleased with pairings such as Tangiers, Trifecta, Afzal, Zomo, Haze, Lavoo, Fumari, Al-Fakher, Al-Waha, Serbetli, Eternal Smoke, Azure, Darkside, Element, as well as others. When packing with tobacco shisha, some of the benefits our fans noticed included less of that nicotine head-buzz, lighter and smoother flavor, more smoke, less throaty-feeling, and a longer smoking session overall. Get creative as you like! We encourage our customers to experiment with other shishas; you never know, maybe you discover a new mix or packing-style. Share your method with us because we always love hearing from our fellow hookah connoisseurs!

We firmly believe consumers should be the judge of our product, and from the feedback received from a vast number of individuals (including non-smokers as well as avid hookah smokers) we were able to gather the following:

•Noticeable and pleasant flavor, similar to tobacco shisha

•Very smooth smoke, smoother on lungs than tobacco shisha, yet has pleasant throat-hit that resembles a true shisha smoke

•Takes a bit longer to start than tobacco, but once started, good flavor and lots of smoke

Since Teabacco does not contain any tobacco, nicotine, tar, carcinogens, chemicals, dyes, or artificial ingredients, it therefore does not contain the health risks normally associated with shisha products that have the above mentioned substances. However, Teabacco has not been evaluated by the Surgeon General nor by the FDA, and cannot be considered a “healthier” or “safer” alternative to tobacco-based shisha. This means that Teabacco still may pose many health risks, including, but not limited to, respiratory failure, cancer, and reproductive harm. All types of smoking are harmful to your health.

So far we are distributing small packs of 25g and 100g, as well as large pouches in either 250g, 500g or 1,000g upon request.

No. HeavenLeaf is committed to restricting the purchase of its shisha products by minors, or even anyone under 21, even though it contains no tobacco or nicotine. No individual under 21 may purchase HeavenLeaf’s shisha products under any circumstances. Note: please check your local laws and restrictions on smoking. HeavenLeaf products are made for 18+ customers internationally, however, if laws in your area require a higher age for smoking, then you must abide as such.

Teabacco should be stored in a cool, dry area where no sunlight or light in general can reach. Make sure you re-seal the pouch every time you smoke to prevent the flavors from diminishing. Although Teabacco has not gone through extensive testing for shelf-life, we approximate it at 2 years.

Well, because it is not supposed to! We developed Teabacco without any nicotine, so consumers could enjoy a smooth alternative without holding their heads after a few puffs. The only buzz you should be getting is when your friend buzzes you to pass the hookah. You will, however, notice the blend of calming and awakening feeling due to the natural caffeine that is present in our Teabacco, due to using all-natural black tea leaves as part of our ingredients.

Yes, email us with a copy of your military ID at and we will send you a personal 15% off discount code for all non-sale Teabacco items.