Puff Promoters - Our Puff Promoters are our official brand ambassadors, the finest individuals to represent the world of HeavenLeaf with sheer adherence to our Mission and Vision. 


Puff Partners - Our Puff Partners include our wholesale clients such as hookah lounges, shops, and catering services. Also, our Puff Partners include businesses or individuals that works with or associate with HeavenLeaf on a professional level. 


Puff Patrons - Our Puff Patrons are our retail clients, as well as our large network of fans from all over the world that may include our Puff Promoters and Puff Partners as well. The Puff Patrons community is the largest official community of HeavenLeaf aficionados, and have their own official network as a Facebook group under the name "The Puff Patrons". Members of The Puff Patrons are empowered to discuss topics beyond HeavenLeaf, and to share their own Talent, Engineering, and Artistry (TEA, our vision) with the rest of the world!